Yin Yoga for the Win

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been very active this winter. Staying indoors, nice and warm has been the way to go especially since this winter was been colder than in previous years in my opinion. I miss being in the outdoors and active, but winter just makes a person want to stay in and hibernate. I have been thinking about yoga lately, but that sounds good for summer as it’s rather cold outside. But what if you can do yoga indoors and in the comfort of your own home?

It is possible, and Sibylle Sharon who is a is a Consciousness Coach™️ and Trainer, Time to Think™️ Facilitator and Coach, Enneagram Practitioner and Yin Yoga teacher brought this to my attention…Yin Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga and how do I benefit from it you may ask?
Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles.

According to Sibylle, Yin Yoga is a much slower practice than the more widely known, regular “yang” yoga practice. Yin Yoga targets joints, deep connective tissues, ligaments and even bones. This approach promotes flexibility and mobility in areas often perceived as non-malleable, or non-elastic especially hips, pelvis, shoulders, and lower spine. Areas that carry a lot of tension, especially as you age. It helps with stress, anxiety, sleep, and calms down the sympathetic nervous system and activates the so called “rest and digest” – your parasympathetic nervous system! Yin Yoga stimulates and balances the flow of life force energy (also known as Chi or Prana) along what is known as Fascia in Western medicine, Nadis and Chakras in Ayurvedic Medicine, and Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

2022 has been a busy and challenging year for all of us with the impact that the pandemic has had on the world and how load shedding not so long ago interrupted our daily lives and businesses. In Sibylle’s recent blog post The Emotional Benefits of Yin Yoga she discusses how stress, and each emotion can be harmonised and balanced through Ying Yoga practice. This helps to have a calming effect on the nervous system so that we can manage stressful situations in a calm manner.

One of the great benefits of Yin Yoga is that it can be practiced in the comfort of your home and Sibylle offers weekly online classes. With warmer days approaching, you may be thinking, well I am interested in doing Yin Yoga, but what I am really looking for is a break away to clear my mind and get reenergised for the rest of the year, then the Conscious Retreat is just what you need. Sibylle and Private Chef, Award Winning Cookbook Author and Consciousness Coach™ Practitioner Alix Verrips will be hosting their Conscious Retreat in majestical Knysna, South Africa between 25-28 August 2022. Daily Yin Yoga and meditation practice will be one of the wonderful things that you can look forward to.

Sunny days are on their way and it’s time to make the rest of 2022 your best year yet. Instead of waiting for the end of year break, why not book some time out for yourself and your friends to Retreat Intentionally? Click here for more information and to book send an email to hello@consciousretreats.co.za. Visit the Conscious Retreat Instagram page for more tips and information on what you can expect from this fantastic retreat.

Information courtesy of Sibylle Sharon and Conscious Retreats.

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Brittany Smith Breaks the Stigma

Brittany Smith Breaks the Stigma

Brittany Smith is a talented opera singer with heart. From debuting in the role of Pamina in Mozart’s The Magic Flute to performing as Juliet in Capuleti e i Montecchi and Amour in Orphée and Eurydice, Brittany has already made an impression on CTO audiences and now we get to see her play the role of Susanna in Mozart’s famous masterpiece, Le Nozze di Fargo.

Brittany has been serious about opera since she was introduced to the discipline by her choir mistress and has recently spent time exploring its power to bring hope and inspiration. She holds her Postgraduate Diploma in Opera Performance at UCT and a BMus (Opera) and is an advocate for tuberculosis sufferers: once diagnosed with the disease just 4 centimeters away from her vocal cords, she makes it her mission to address the stigma still attached to the illness. I recently caught up with Brittany to share her inspirational story.

Congratulations on a fantastic career and on all that you have achieved. Why do you love being an Opera singer and could you share with us a career highlight?
Thank you! If I have to narrow down the reason, I love being an opera singer, it would be because of all the freedom I have while performing on stage. There’s nothing better than hearing the orchestra tune while you’re backstage and having the feeling like you have wings to soar high with when you sing your very first phrase. The highlight of my career was when I had to step in to sing the role of Priestess Leïla in Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers. It showed me just how far I could push myself and the determination to prove to myself that I could sing a big role with only one rehearsal to walk through.

Please could you share with us your healing/recovery process from the time you were diagnosed with Tuberculosis to your recovery?
It was tough, especially since I was starting to sing the big girl roles. I remember the worst part about my recovery being the five tablets I had to take every morning for five months and then trying to keep them down. I had an amazing support system at home and from the few friends I still had. I also remember praying quite a bit – my strength came from my Maker. I was comforted by that.

How long was your recovery process?
My full recovery took six months. After that, it took a while longer to recover from the mental stress I had endured as well.

Is Tuberculosis (TB) contagious?
If untreated, TB is EXTREMELY contagious. Something as simple as speaking to someone face to face who is infected puts you at a very high risk of contracting the disease.

I can only imagine the fear that you faced with the disease being just a few centimeters away from your vocal cords. Who or what motivated you to keep fighting to get better so that you could be back on stage doing what you love?
It was actually 4 cm away from my vocal cords upon consultation with my pulmonologist and after hearing that, I came to the realisation of just how dangerous the type of TB I had, had been. I’d say my fighting spirit, my family and a lot of prayer as well as wanting to feel the freedom I felt while singing, gave me my motivation back.

As a TB survivor, what are some of the stigmas that you faced not just as an opera singer, but as a human being fighting a disease that could have potentially ended your career?
People didn’t want to touch me or come close to me and when I mentioned that I had HAD TB, they would instantly take a step back from me or put their hands over their mouths and noses so as to not catch anything from me, even after I told them that I am not contagious anymore or that I didn’t have TB anymore and that hurt. I also understood that they were not as educated on TB as they should be and that sort of made the shun a bit easier to handle.

You speak strongly about secondary stigma, what is secondary stigma and who does it come from?
Secondary stigma is when the family or friends shun you from their social circles after they have heard that you had TB. In my case, it was friends I had made in varsity, that even when I was not contagious anymore and still wore a mask to protect myself, they’d back away or just not associate themselves with me because they saw me as, and I quote, “dirty”. Unfortunately, this is the case with many TB survivors and sufferers alike. Why is that? It is that way because people are not educated enough to know and understand more about TB.

Do you think people find it taboo to talk about having/had TB?
In some communities and cultures, yes. Many TB sufferers and survivors do not want a target on their backs when it comes to opening up about the disease, so instead they don’t talk about it at all. In many cases we are judged so badly after people find out – we’re almost shamed upon. It’s actually really sad.

From the challenges and stigmas that you faced, what would you like people to take away from your story?
You can make a full recovery. Life does not stop because you’ve contracted TB. I want people to know that there are support groups that they could reach out to and that someone will welcome them with open arms because “you are not your disease.”

What can we do to educate people on Tuberculosis and to break these stigmas?
It’s this simple: Talk about Tuberculosis more. Talk until you’re blue in the face. Once people are no longer afraid of something they do not understand, the faster stigma will disappear until it is but a foreign concept.

From 06 to 15 July 2022, we get to see you live on stage performing the role of Susanna in Le Nozze Di Figaro at the Roodepoort Theatre. What can audiences expect from Susanna?
Audiences can expect a show of a lifetime. Susanna is naughty, nice, fierce and a delight…like a breath of fresh air. We need that after a 2 and a half year darkness.

Le Nozze di Figaro runs from 06 to 15 July 2022 at the Roodepoort Theatre. Tickets are R220 and are on sale through Webtickets.

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10 000 Steps Towards Me

10 000 Steps Towards Me

When meeting Anna Ngarachu for the first time in an online meeting, it was like meeting someone who you have known for the longest time. I was greeted by her warm smile and beautiful personality. I was meeting Anna to learn about her journey and more importantly learning about her book 10 000 Steps Towards Me.

10 000 Steps Towards Me is a guide to your personal development journey which Anna wrote during lockdown. Being on a self-development journey of my own over more than a year now, I knew that I needed to read this book. This is not another self-help book, but rather one where Anna shares a leaf from her life in each chapter. I love how Anna humbly and gracefully shares her story of her upbringing. Anna shares lessons she has learned along the way in her journey and prompts the reader to reflect where they are and to use the tools mentioned in the book to make changes in their lives.

The title of each chapter has a creative spin encompassing the general theme as well as sections to write your own reflections. This book has come at a time in my life and journey as a form of support. Chapters like ‘Going Against the Tide’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ are some of my favourite to name a few. Anna touches on the impact that your environment has on you, how the choices we make will impact who we are and to wake up and dream. If you are in life coaching sessions then I believe that this book will deepen or support your journey further. While reading this book, I was reflecting on my own journey and couldn’t believe the power of perfect timing.

Without giving too much away, 10 000 Steps Towards Me is light and fun to read with short, impactful chapters. It is aimed at those who are ready to make changes in their lives and are needing direction or the know how on how to make those changes. Why live a mediocre life when you can live the one of your dreams? Why settle when you can live your best life? If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so on Amazon and for a signed copy, you can fill in this form. For more on Anna and her journey, you can read my interview with her.

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Anna Ngarachu Makes an Impact

Anna Ngarachu Makes an Impact

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

This is the motto of how impact storyteller Anna Ngarachu, chooses to live her life and she has uttered it to everyone around her so that they know that they too can create a life they choose…not a life of default but a truly intentional life and an unconventional one.

Anna is one of eight musketeers (siblings) and hails from Kenya. She has been in South Africa for about 15 years. Not much can be said about those early days, but the photos tell us that she was a photogenic child…always near a microphone or drawing something but not particularly keen to eat her food. Even as a child, she was a true adventurer and artist. Her favourite thing was hanging out with her siblings and her book reflects some of those interesting stories.

Anna and her family moved to Uganda for three years, which was utter bliss, and a chance to discover life in another African country. When she was 16, they moved to South Africa which came with its challenges of navigating a new culture, but it became home and still is. Anna went on to study Economics at the University of Witwatersrand; although looking back, she imagines that she should have studied writing, literature, or something along those lines. Currently, Anna is navigating adult life with the support of her best friend and partner Grant. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Anna is the creator of Impact Storyteller, which she started in July 2021 off the back of publishing her book 10,000 Steps Towards Me. “I realised that other people were bursting to write a book; either to leave a legacy or to build their brands but were too busy with their endeavours. Having written my book whilst pursuing a consulting career; I realised the demands behind it but having walked that path, I wanted to make it a reality for others too.”

With Impact Storyteller Anna aims to do two things: Ghost-writing and co-writing services. This is for anyone who wants to write a book (that aims to make an impact) but has no time or skill. This is catered to those that are looking to BUILD A PERSONAL BRAND (as a business owner or professional) or share their LIFE STORY. She believes that by telling your story through a book you attain credibility in your networks. This can be in the form of a personal development book or a Life Story (Memoir).

On a personal level, publishing her book has given Anna the courage to offer Personal Development Coaching and Personal Development Retreats where she gives talks to high school and university students and professionals on the aspects that she covers in her book. Here Anna assists to uncover their stories and try to steer them to find answers or question things from their authentic viewpoints.

All of this is in the backdrop of her consulting career. Anna works as an economic consultant for a boutique consulting firm in Johannesburg. She is a seasoned senior economic researcher with five years’ experience in the development sector, having been involved in several regional and continental projects in recent years.

Please tell us about your podcast impact storyteller and what exactly is an impact storyteller.
An impact storyteller aims to share stories that make an impact for an individual, a cause, or a situation. The aim is to change mindsets so that we can move towards acting and living more authentically and boldly. I believe stories should inspire and challenge us for the better.

The Impact Storyteller Show is a YouTube Show. It assists me in building content and getting exposure. It’s a show that gets down to real talk with a selective calibre of guests, focusing on personal development and self-discovery. This is for people who want to consume fast, and impactful insights – to raise awareness of how important personal development is and the importance of talking about issues that go unsaid. It aims to allow people to reflect on whether they are growing as an individual or not. Basically, I provide a platform for people to be vulnerable, share their stories and that allows people to ask themselves some real hard questions and reflect on that. It is when we start having conversations with ourselves and making authentic choices do we live boldly. Otherwise, we continue to live on autopilot, and we all know that doesn’t do anyone any good.

How has writing 10 000 Steps Towards Me helped you grow as an individual?
Writing my book allowed me to put my creations out in the world…the utmost expression of vulnerability. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t something to fear to behold as it is a reflection of bravery and that is something I want to teach others. It has helped me come to terms with who I am and celebrate that with all flaws and great values together.

I have learned that not everything has to be going well for you to achieve your dream, even in lockdown, I managed to launch my book. I understand now that I need to live my dream daily and it needs to be an active manifestation. I have procrastinated for so long to complete this book and I’m glad it came to fruition! It has allowed me to learn how action conquers fear. It has helped me set up a writing business, which I had never even imagined before and to have the courage to get out there and showcase it. Above all, it has taught me how much I love creative writing and that this is what I am meant to be doing.

Who do you hope is helped in reading this book?
Those that dare to change…

I intend to help people know who they are, know what they want, and help guide them towards their true north (and the best version of themselves). Those who dare to change are the people I hope to help. Anyone that wants to see a significant shift in their lives or has a lot of questions as to why they feel/felt stagnant. I aim to help them realise their worth and help them reflect on their own life and look at what needs to change and what needs to be celebrated.

What is next for Anna?
Currently, I am doing a memoir writing course as I’m working on my memoir which is an exciting task.

Look out for more books down the line! My aim is to make a career out of writing, so I am currently working with some clients to get that set up nicely. The rest I will leave as a mystery, intertwined with some interesting characters and adventures to come.

If you would like to get in touch with Anna you can visit her website, or by sending an email to anna@impactstoryteller.co.za or by booking a discovery call with her here. Connect with Anna on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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A Retreat State of Mind with Sibylle Sharon

Hello May 2022, how quick you have arrived along with autumn and the changing colours of the leaves on the trees. While nature is taking a bit of a break, we continue to push and live our lives to the fullest. A few of the public holidays have now passed and we are heading to the middle of the year, and just the thought of that makes me slightly anxious. Some people have taken a much-needed holiday getaway and others have rested at home, but have you ever been on a retreat? I’m thinking of being around in nature, with my phone off, meeting new people and just embracing life. I recently chatted to Sibylle Sharon about her upcoming retreat and how we can develop a retreat state of mind.

Sibylle is a Consciousness Coach™️ and Trainer, Time to Think™️ Facilitator and Coach, Enneagram Practitioner and Yin Yoga teacher. She grew up in Germany and moved to South Africa in 1989. Today she is married with four young adult children, one of them still in High School. 

In 2012, after recovering from burnout, Sibylle remembers watching her family and friends walking the road called life and feeling that she was leaving herself behind. “I had lost my zest for life and lacked a sense of purpose.” 

She made the choice to make a change and was blessed with the loving support of family and friends to help her to get back on her feet. Traditional western medicine, body talk, therapy – she did whatever she could to create shift within. 

Sibylle became interested in life coaching and two friends pointed her in the same direction and the rest is history. She started her journey of Consciousness Coaching™️ in 2015 and was 100% committed to her life and family. Consciously realigning to her essence and purpose led her to create a new reality for her life. Without changing anything on the surface, Sibylle reinvented herself at almost 50 and started a new career as a Consciousness Coach™️.  “I became a 50Plus Start-up.” Today, she supports her clients to “rewire instead of retire” to life and to start again if necessary. “I help people to become very deliberate in creating opportunities for themselves and with that a life they love to live.”

What is a Consciousness Coach™️ and why is it beneficial to have a coach?
“As a Consciousness Coach™️ I engage my clients to move forward because they say so.  Not necessarily because they think or feel they can do it. Commitment and integrity are key in my coaching methodology. As are the conscious use of language and changing the narrative or interpretation of “what is.” I teach my clients various tools of Consciousness Coaching™️ so that they can create a life they can’t wait to get up for in the morning. 

My clients take responsibility for their lives and with that they learn to take their power back. I mirror back to my clients when they are in so called “reactive” or unconscious living. This usually shows up when they are complaining, expecting, blaming, or giving up. I then show them how to choose their behaviour more consciously and how to shift into “creative” living. With my Time to Think™️ background, I am trained to help my clients identify untrue assumptions that inform their behaviour. We unpack these assumptions in a coaching session and replace them with truer and liberating ones. Assumptions inform our behaviour, according to Nancy Kline, founder of Time to Think™️ and more often than not these assumptions are not true. This work is based on the observation that the quality of just about everything we do, depends on the quality of the thinking we do about it first. I help my clients to access conscious thinking versus limited and ego cluttered thinking.

I also use the Enneagram to shine a light on the unconscious motivation of behaviour in my clients.  Again, becoming more aware of automated responses and ego patters helps my clients to step out of autopiloted living into conscious and creative living.  They become very deliberate in creating opportunities for themselves.”

What do you love about retreats?
Being in nature and off the grid with no interruptions and social media.
Nurturing and nourishing my physical and mental body. 
Active resting. I love there to be silence, enlightenment, reflection, and plenty of meditation. Walking, swimming, yoga, movement.
Spending time with like-minded, conscious people who love self-development and transformation. I (re)treat with intention seeking inner peace and calm. 
Having conscious fun and conversations. 

Between 25-28 August 2022, Sibylle and Private Chef, Award Winning Cookbook Author and Consciousness Coach™ Practitioner Alix Verrips will be hosting their Conscious Retreat in majestical Knysna, South Africa.

What can you look forward to?
• Time to Think™ and conscious conversations
• Daily Yin Yoga and meditation practice
• Additional restorative therapy sessions
• Guided hike across the reserve
• Free time for relaxation, contemplation, beach walks and much more!

Bookings are limited, so why not treat yourself to a well deserved and much needed retreat. Click here for more information and to book or send an email to hello@consciousretreats.co.za.

August may be a while away, but you can still Retreat Intentionally in your home. Retreating may also look like a 10-minute meditation, a walk in your neighbourhood, a yoga or gym session.

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly feeling inspired to do some meditation and to go for a jog as part of my intentional retreat this weekend. For more inspiring posts, you can follow and connect with Sibylle on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Images courtesy of Sibylle Sharon.

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Getting to Know Mo Malele

Mo Malele is a doer of many things, a wearer of many hats and a lover of people! As a poet, recording artist, award winning entrepreneur, wordsmith extraordinaire and content producer she has no shortage of creativity and determination. I recently interviewed Mo and have been left inspired…

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
With a finance and accounting background, I often describe myself as a creative at heart but with a business brain. I am a poet, recording artist, award winning entrepreneur, wordsmith extraordinaire and content producer. My dynamic personality has led me to build a career in a wide array of industries as I pursue all things that inspire, grow, and challenge me, as well as contribute positively to my community. My poetry style can be described as conscious, self-aware, self-reflective, critical, and extremely honest as I tackle various social issues like love, loss, mental health, hope, politics, economics, inequality and much more through my poetry and challenge my listeners to live life to their fullest potential as the best versions of themselves. 

Please tell us about your events company.
NK Innovations is a creative, dynamic and innovative marketing and events agency that delivers problem solving solutions and always exceeds expectation. We are a young but experienced team of highly ambitious marketing professionals. As a marketing agency we offer a wide array of ATL and BTL services, including event and project management. We have a unique ability to reach and engage with diverse consumer groups across South Africa, with relevant and receptive brand messaging that delivers ROI accretive campaigns for our clients.

What is Shopapolitan?
The expanded unemployment rate in SA sits at 42.6%, meaning almost half our workforce is economically inactive, majority of which are in townships and rural communities. We know that we need to stimulate the economy in order to create jobs and the only way to do that is through the creation of profitable, sustainable, tech-enabled businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs lack the infrastructure, resources, knowledge, and funding required to implement tech in their businesses. This is where we come in – our vision is to build economically self-sustainable communities by making innovative tech affordable and accessible to township and rural based businesses and in doing so help them to techify and digify their business. How do we do this? In a word Shopapolitan. Shopapolitan is an end-to-end e-commerce marketplace that gives township and rural based businesses everything they need to operate a profitable e-commerce business. We offer:

  1. a safe, secure, and compliant platform and payment gateway.
  2. Data analytics & Digital marketing services.
  3. Distribution and Logistics management.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you face with Shopapolitan?
The challenges we face are the very same challenges that inspired the Shopapolitan business concept which continues to drive us despite the roadblocks; lack of access to market opportunities, lack of funding and necessary infrastructure to take advantage of available opportunities. Many of these we have overcome to some extent in order to get to where we are today, however our biggest challenge is still funding to launch the platform on a wider scale so we can reach more communities, merchants and customers.  

What or who inspired the Shopapolitan concept?
Entrepreneurs and small business owners like us, who have great ideas, ambition and hard work ethic to match those great ideas, but have little to no access to markets, opportunities, resources, infrastructure, knowledge, networks and funding required to bring those ideas to life. Ironically enough, we draw inspiration and motivation from our challenges and pain points as well as those of our fellow hustlers, dreamers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What or who has kept you going during the pandemic?
Honestly speaking, a brutal understanding that I am back against the wall, stuck between a rock and a hard place, shipwrecked or plane-wrecked in the middle of nowhere and no-one is coming for me…no-one is coming to save me. If I am to survive, I will have to save myself, and the only way to do that is to hustle hard, hustle smart, hustle relentlessly, hustle humbly but hustle like my life depended on it because it did! And I always say the hustle never stops, it just changes form! So, keep hustling!

You are a poet, recording artist and content producer, what inspires your creativity?
Everything and everyone I get to experience! I believe that as a creative, inspiration is everywhere, provided you are listening and tuned in…provided you are conscious and aware of the life you are living. If you live on autopilot, you will miss the creative inspiration that lives hidden in the seemingly mundane moments of life. I am also inspired by how as ordinary people we all have a little bit of extraordinariness in us and if we just gave into that the world would be filled with ordinary people living their truth and creating extraordinary things, we can all experience and benefit from. The idea of living in a world where we are all consciously and constantly striving to live life as our truest and best selves both excites and inspires me because therein lies the magic!

You have a new album in the works, please could you tell us a bit about it and how it differs from your last album ‘My Country Needs Me.’
For starters ‘My Country Needs Me’ was my first album and producing that project independently taught me a lot about the business of music and what it takes to release a proper project you can be proud of, so you can definitely expect to see those “business of music” lessons learnt coming through in this album. This new album will be different in a couple of ways; 1) I am producing all the beats on it. 2) This is most likely going to have more visuals attached to it and if all goes well it will also be a visual album. 3) It is going to be shorter than the previous one and a lot more personal for all of us, not just me! 4) A lot of the pieces were written during Covid so it will be very Covid relevant.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who are starting out?

  • Fail forward, fail fast and implement the lessons prospectively…don’t torture yourself over the past.
  • When they say no, you say next and don’t be afraid to punch above your weight!
  • It’s ok if you don’t hit gold the first time you start digging. It doesn’t mean there isn’t gold, just that you must dig deeper, longer and differently.
  • BELIEVE! Believe in yourself, your team, your idea, your project, your market etc, whatever it is, BELIEVE IN IT! And when you don’t believe, put your head down and WORK AT IT, until you believe in it again!
  • Be conscious and aware of the life you are living and the business you are building. This will help you identify the pivots and see the gaps earlier.
  • If you are getting paid in exposure or experience, find ways to monetize/commercialise that exposure/experience…remember the bank doesn’t take exposure cheques.
  • Your network is your net worth! Find a tribe of like-minded, like-hearted people and build your social capital because they will help you build your financial capital.
  • The best way to create value is to first give away value! So don’t think of what you are losing when you are giving, focus on what you are gaining by giving and that will help you create incremental value.
  • HAVE FUN! Live and work your passion! Work is an integral part of life and life is an integral part of work. Find ways, projects, people, activities to bring the 2 into harmony where your passion is at the centre of both, and they will become 1! Which in my philosophical opinion is the only way life should be lived and businesses should be built. Life and work should be in harmony with each other.

Here are the ways that you can get in contact with Mo:
Shopapolitan: info@shopapolitan.com
NK Innovations: momalele@nkinnovations.co.za

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and visit her website.

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Fempreneurs at Heart

Fempreneurs at Heart

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn

I love this quote and it fits in with today as it is National Women’s Day here in South Africa. In celebration of this wonderful day that we celebrate, I asked a few female entrepreneurs or fempreneurs, what Women’s Day means to them.

Nestene Botha

Nestene Botha (CA)SA – Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven.
“I love being a #fempreneur because I embrace my natural ability to care and lead by nurturing. This has stood me in good stead. Part of my job is to show others how to love entrepreneurs back to life. That’s powerful. It’s very fulfilling. I love women’s day because it reminds me of the importance of feminine energy and what can be accomplished when that feminine energy masses together in the pursuit of a common goal.”

Rita Schoeman – Owner of Coaching with Heart.
Why I left a well-paid corporate job? I could not create the empowerment that I was seeking at that point in time. Today I can, and that is why women’s day is there so that we can share these stories of how you are the creator of the empowerment that you are seeking.

Janine Lingenfelder – Founder and CEO Jelani Sales.
IWD, is such a great opportunity to mirror on and celebrate the many helpful changes that have happened to create fairness, while committing ourselves more wholly to the necessary operational and social changes needed to make full equality of prospecting possibilities. Each of us, do have a part to play in that process. International Women’s Day encourages and facilitates that vital and necessary dialogue. This day to me, gives everyone an opportunity to look at the accomplishments women add to society and offers an occasion to look at what is next.

Leonie Dorfling – CEO of Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine.
Women’s Day to me is such a special day. If you look at many years ago and how it has changed so much today, it’s just so amazing how women took back the power. I think its so important as a woman to stand on your own feet. Women’s day just highlights the fact that women can be strong and powerful. Taking the lead. I as a Fempreneur had to learn quickly how to be the boss lady of my business, but I love it. I learn so much and I meet so many amazing people.

Happy Women’s Day!

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Year of Abundance

My word for 2021 has been abundance. Getting into an abundant mindset has been challenging with past obstacles that we have faced. I share more in the blog post ‘If Money was a Person‘ where I share my current relationship with money. What we found that was keeping me in a lack mentality was limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way and in my case it was from having an abundant mindset. Here are some limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from having an abundant mindset:

  • It is hard to hold onto money.
  • Money only comes from hard work.
  • I can only earn more when I put in more hours at work.
  • It is hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job.
  • I will probably just fail anyway.
  • I am unable to manifest abundance.

I am sure that just by reading the above, you already feel drained. Being in a cycle of worry and focusing on such beliefs can paralyse a person into not going after their goals and dreams. How did I change this mindset?

These are the steps I took to shift my thoughts to an abundance mindset:

  • Firstly, I acknowledged the thoughts and feelings that came worth it.
  • Then I replaced it with something positive thoughts instead. Example: It’s hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job. Replace that with Money can multitask and I can earn money from different sources of income.
  • Focusing on gratitude has also shifted my mindset.

Now that I am able to identify and replace limiting beliefs, my next focus has been on finding balance on the feminine side of the yin yang. You can read more about this in my blog post ‘Money is Energy.’

To sum this all up, money is energy and what we focus on or put out into the universe will come back to us. I now practice gratitude, focus on having enough instead of lacking and I am starting to break my dreams into goals that are achievable. An abundant life is possible and thanks to The Noble Pursuit, I am well on my way to fulfilling my word for 2021.

For inspiration, please visit The Noble Pursuit’s Instagram page and subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can also contact Linda van der Westhuizen directly by sending her an email to linda@riskandforensics.co.za.

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Money is Energy!

Continuing with my money manifestation journey with Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit, it was time to understand the yin yang aspect of money. Did you know that money has a feminine and masculine aspect? Malalignment with either of these will cause the relationship with money to feel like struggle and resistance and often result in a state of lack.

How do you identify the masculine and feminine aspects of money?

The Masculine aspect of money is the doing; structure, planning, the budgets, the investment strategies, the action taken to earn the money, our goals, it’s the facts and figures around money. If money was a person, its masculine aspect would show up as strong, reliable, protective, ready with a plan, intelligent, rational, careful, controlled, organized and able to problem solve.

The behaviours that block the masculine aspect and cause it to be out of alignment are overspending, not facing up to reality of your financial situation, avoiding bank statements and a lack of planning.

The Feminine aspect of money involves the flow of money; the spending and the receiving of money, the dreams and desires that give rise to our goals, it’s the creative side of business for example product design and marketing. The feminine aspect includes communication, connection and relationship building. If money was a person, its feminine aspect would include the fact that it is resilient, nurturing, comforting, loving, a multitasker, comfortable in the dark, hopeful, knowing, trusting, intuitive and compassionate.

The behaviours that block the feminine energy include clinging, desperation, holding and clutching of money, excessive thriftiness, addiction to work, all work and no play.

Achieving balance is part of healing the relationship with money. It is important to determine in which area you lack balance, and to practice habits that are in alignment with either the feminine or masculine aspect.

A few examples of strengthening the masculine aspect include making a money plan (budget), keeping a money diary to track spending, investment strategies, keeping your purse/wallet/workspace clean and organized, keeping your financial documents in order, ensuring bills are paid on time.

A few examples of strengthening the feminine aspect includes prioritizing rest, which is as important as being productive, expressing intense gratitude for the money you already have, renaming money words (like budget/savings accounts) to names that speak from a place of abundance, healing money wounds through self-reflection, identifying limiting beliefs around money and replacing them with beliefs that are more supportive and believing that comfort is as important as saving.

How am I doing in the balance arena?

I have the masculine aspect sorted. When it comes to the ‘doing’ and having facts and figures in place, I have a distinction in this area, but I am out of balance with the feminine aspect. I need to know where my money is going, how I am going to spend it and know how much is left. I need to make sure that payments are made in a timely manner. Basically, I need to be in control all the time and this is where I am practically choking money. It’s the fear of lack, letting go and trusting.

This is what I have been doing to try and gain balance of the feminine aspect of money:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with what is supportive instead.
  • Taking time to rest, read a book or go for a walk in the garden.
  • Expressing gratitude instead of complaining.
  • Clearing out my cupboards and donate or throw away items that I no longer need, to create space for new.
  • Clear out my office space.

I have always managed money and the fear of letting go of that control, is the fear that things will fall apart. It has been the fear of lack that there just won’t be enough. Through a balance of the feminine and masculine and understanding the nature of money, I am learning that I can change how I interact with money in my outer reality. If you would like to get in touch with The Noble pursuit, you can visit the Instagram page or send an email to linda@riskandforensics.co.za.

Thank you to Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit for the information to support this blog post.

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