When meeting Anna Ngarachu for the first time in an online meeting, it was like meeting someone who you have known for the longest time. I was greeted by her warm smile and beautiful personality. I was meeting Anna to learn about her journey and more importantly learning about her book 10 000 Steps Towards Me.

10 000 Steps Towards Me is a guide to your personal development journey which Anna wrote during lockdown. Being on a self-development journey of my own over more than a year now, I knew that I needed to read this book. This is not another self-help book, but rather one where Anna shares a leaf from her life in each chapter. I love how Anna humbly and gracefully shares her story of her upbringing. Anna shares lessons she has learned along the way in her journey and prompts the reader to reflect where they are and to use the tools mentioned in the book to make changes in their lives.

The title of each chapter has a creative spin encompassing the general theme as well as sections to write your own reflections. This book has come at a time in my life and journey as a form of support. Chapters like ‘Going Against the Tide’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ are some of my favourite to name a few. Anna touches on the impact that your environment has on you, how the choices we make will impact who we are and to wake up and dream. If you are in life coaching sessions then I believe that this book will deepen or support your journey further. While reading this book, I was reflecting on my own journey and couldn’t believe the power of perfect timing.

Without giving too much away, 10 000 Steps Towards Me is light and fun to read with short, impactful chapters. It is aimed at those who are ready to make changes in their lives and are needing direction or the know how on how to make those changes. Why live a mediocre life when you can live the one of your dreams? Why settle when you can live your best life? If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so on Amazon and for a signed copy, you can fill in this form. For more on Anna and her journey, you can read my interview with her.

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