Continuing with my money manifestation journey with Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit, it was time to understand the yin yang aspect of money. Did you know that money has a feminine and masculine aspect? Malalignment with either of these will cause the relationship with money to feel like struggle and resistance and often result in a state of lack.

How do you identify the masculine and feminine aspects of money?

The Masculine aspect of money is the doing; structure, planning, the budgets, the investment strategies, the action taken to earn the money, our goals, it’s the facts and figures around money. If money was a person, its masculine aspect would show up as strong, reliable, protective, ready with a plan, intelligent, rational, careful, controlled, organized and able to problem solve.

The behaviours that block the masculine aspect and cause it to be out of alignment are overspending, not facing up to reality of your financial situation, avoiding bank statements and a lack of planning.

The Feminine aspect of money involves the flow of money; the spending and the receiving of money, the dreams and desires that give rise to our goals, it’s the creative side of business for example product design and marketing. The feminine aspect includes communication, connection and relationship building. If money was a person, its feminine aspect would include the fact that it is resilient, nurturing, comforting, loving, a multitasker, comfortable in the dark, hopeful, knowing, trusting, intuitive and compassionate.

The behaviours that block the feminine energy include clinging, desperation, holding and clutching of money, excessive thriftiness, addiction to work, all work and no play.

Achieving balance is part of healing the relationship with money. It is important to determine in which area you lack balance, and to practice habits that are in alignment with either the feminine or masculine aspect.

A few examples of strengthening the masculine aspect include making a money plan (budget), keeping a money diary to track spending, investment strategies, keeping your purse/wallet/workspace clean and organized, keeping your financial documents in order, ensuring bills are paid on time.

A few examples of strengthening the feminine aspect includes prioritizing rest, which is as important as being productive, expressing intense gratitude for the money you already have, renaming money words (like budget/savings accounts) to names that speak from a place of abundance, healing money wounds through self-reflection, identifying limiting beliefs around money and replacing them with beliefs that are more supportive and believing that comfort is as important as saving.

How am I doing in the balance arena?

I have the masculine aspect sorted. When it comes to the ‘doing’ and having facts and figures in place, I have a distinction in this area, but I am out of balance with the feminine aspect. I need to know where my money is going, how I am going to spend it and know how much is left. I need to make sure that payments are made in a timely manner. Basically, I need to be in control all the time and this is where I am practically choking money. It’s the fear of lack, letting go and trusting.

This is what I have been doing to try and gain balance of the feminine aspect of money:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with what is supportive instead.
  • Taking time to rest, read a book or go for a walk in the garden.
  • Expressing gratitude instead of complaining.
  • Clearing out my cupboards and donate or throw away items that I no longer need, to create space for new.
  • Clear out my office space.

I have always managed money and the fear of letting go of that control, is the fear that things will fall apart. It has been the fear of lack that there just won’t be enough. Through a balance of the feminine and masculine and understanding the nature of money, I am learning that I can change how I interact with money in my outer reality. If you would like to get in touch with The Noble pursuit, you can visit the Instagram page or send an email to

Thank you to Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit for the information to support this blog post.

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