“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

This is the motto of how impact storyteller Anna Ngarachu, chooses to live her life and she has uttered it to everyone around her so that they know that they too can create a life they choose…not a life of default but a truly intentional life and an unconventional one.

Anna is one of eight musketeers (siblings) and hails from Kenya. She has been in South Africa for about 15 years. Not much can be said about those early days, but the photos tell us that she was a photogenic child…always near a microphone or drawing something but not particularly keen to eat her food. Even as a child, she was a true adventurer and artist. Her favourite thing was hanging out with her siblings and her book reflects some of those interesting stories.

Anna and her family moved to Uganda for three years, which was utter bliss, and a chance to discover life in another African country. When she was 16, they moved to South Africa which came with its challenges of navigating a new culture, but it became home and still is. Anna went on to study Economics at the University of Witwatersrand; although looking back, she imagines that she should have studied writing, literature, or something along those lines. Currently, Anna is navigating adult life with the support of her best friend and partner Grant. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Anna is the creator of Impact Storyteller, which she started in July 2021 off the back of publishing her book 10,000 Steps Towards Me. “I realised that other people were bursting to write a book; either to leave a legacy or to build their brands but were too busy with their endeavours. Having written my book whilst pursuing a consulting career; I realised the demands behind it but having walked that path, I wanted to make it a reality for others too.”

With Impact Storyteller Anna aims to do two things: Ghost-writing and co-writing services. This is for anyone who wants to write a book (that aims to make an impact) but has no time or skill. This is catered to those that are looking to BUILD A PERSONAL BRAND (as a business owner or professional) or share their LIFE STORY. She believes that by telling your story through a book you attain credibility in your networks. This can be in the form of a personal development book or a Life Story (Memoir).

On a personal level, publishing her book has given Anna the courage to offer Personal Development Coaching and Personal Development Retreats where she gives talks to high school and university students and professionals on the aspects that she covers in her book. Here Anna assists to uncover their stories and try to steer them to find answers or question things from their authentic viewpoints.

All of this is in the backdrop of her consulting career. Anna works as an economic consultant for a boutique consulting firm in Johannesburg. She is a seasoned senior economic researcher with five years’ experience in the development sector, having been involved in several regional and continental projects in recent years.

Please tell us about your podcast impact storyteller and what exactly is an impact storyteller.
An impact storyteller aims to share stories that make an impact for an individual, a cause, or a situation. The aim is to change mindsets so that we can move towards acting and living more authentically and boldly. I believe stories should inspire and challenge us for the better.

The Impact Storyteller Show is a YouTube Show. It assists me in building content and getting exposure. It’s a show that gets down to real talk with a selective calibre of guests, focusing on personal development and self-discovery. This is for people who want to consume fast, and impactful insights – to raise awareness of how important personal development is and the importance of talking about issues that go unsaid. It aims to allow people to reflect on whether they are growing as an individual or not. Basically, I provide a platform for people to be vulnerable, share their stories and that allows people to ask themselves some real hard questions and reflect on that. It is when we start having conversations with ourselves and making authentic choices do we live boldly. Otherwise, we continue to live on autopilot, and we all know that doesn’t do anyone any good.

How has writing 10 000 Steps Towards Me helped you grow as an individual?
Writing my book allowed me to put my creations out in the world…the utmost expression of vulnerability. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t something to fear to behold as it is a reflection of bravery and that is something I want to teach others. It has helped me come to terms with who I am and celebrate that with all flaws and great values together.

I have learned that not everything has to be going well for you to achieve your dream, even in lockdown, I managed to launch my book. I understand now that I need to live my dream daily and it needs to be an active manifestation. I have procrastinated for so long to complete this book and I’m glad it came to fruition! It has allowed me to learn how action conquers fear. It has helped me set up a writing business, which I had never even imagined before and to have the courage to get out there and showcase it. Above all, it has taught me how much I love creative writing and that this is what I am meant to be doing.

Who do you hope is helped in reading this book?
Those that dare to change…

I intend to help people know who they are, know what they want, and help guide them towards their true north (and the best version of themselves). Those who dare to change are the people I hope to help. Anyone that wants to see a significant shift in their lives or has a lot of questions as to why they feel/felt stagnant. I aim to help them realise their worth and help them reflect on their own life and look at what needs to change and what needs to be celebrated.

What is next for Anna?
Currently, I am doing a memoir writing course as I’m working on my memoir which is an exciting task.

Look out for more books down the line! My aim is to make a career out of writing, so I am currently working with some clients to get that set up nicely. The rest I will leave as a mystery, intertwined with some interesting characters and adventures to come.

If you would like to get in touch with Anna you can visit her website, or by sending an email to anna@impactstoryteller.co.za or by booking a discovery call with her here. Connect with Anna on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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