Imagine if money was a person, what would your relationship be like? I looked at the screen and could not believe this very question that Linda Van Der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit was asking me. What do you mean if money was a person? If money was a person, I would call that person Scrooge. Why Scrooge? We all know the tale A Christmas Carol with Ebenezer Scrooge by Charles Dickens. The meaning of Scrooge is someone who spends as little money as possible and is not generous and I believe that this is how money has behaving with me. It has been a rocky and unstable relationship.

Continuing with my money manifestation journey with The Noble Pursuit, Linda purposefully asked this question for a very specific reason: Money is energy. Human beings are energy. Relationships are energetic exchanges and money and I have been giving each other some serious bad vibes. To find out how this journey started, please click on the link to read the previous blog post with my interview with Linda:

You may ask, Taryn what is your issue with money? What we discussed is that I have been in a lack mentality mindset that began when I was still in primary school. As I grew up and into my adulthood, I would watch my bank account like a hawk, monitoring my expenses down to the last penny to make sure that we get by each month. It was the fear of what if we do not have enough and what if an emergency arrives. Let’s always be prepared for a rainy day. And so, when I overspent, the guilt hit me harder than a brick. I never realised that this energy that I was sending out to the universe, was the same energy that I was receiving, and it was time to break this cycle.

“By personifying money, at least in the initial stages of healing money wounds, we are better able to identify how we feel about money, how we believe it treats us and how we treat it.

We can use the same strategies used to heal broken relationships with our partners, to heal the wounds we have around money. We can learn how to view money differently, how to trust money, how to allow it to support us. “– Linda Van Der Westhuizen, The Noble Pursuit

I decided that it was time to heal my relationship with money and started making some changes:

  • I changed my Emergency Fund to Abundance Fund (this already felt good and positive as abundance was my word for this year.)
  • Every time I would start managing my bank account, I would stop and say, ‘I have enough.’
  • I stopped trying to control every bit that I spent, and actually enjoyed the fact that I could go shopping and buy essentials and know that there are still payments coming through from clients.
  • I started writing 5 things daily that I am thankful for in my gratitude journal.

Today I practice the above almost like it’s second nature. I feel like money and I have reached an understanding and we are now working together instead of against each other.

“Money as a person is only an analogy, and my clients always come back to the fact that money is energy, a neutral resource and we charge the energy of money to a certain frequency or vibration by the meaning we have assigned to it and that is how it will show up in our lives. By changing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs around money we change how we “treat” it and in turn how it “treats” us.” – The Noble Pursuit

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