Peace and Contentment

Peace and Contentment

At the start of each year, I like to give the year a word that will help me achieve my goals for that year. 2020 was my year of growth and finding inner peace and this year my word is abundance. With us now being right in the middle of the year, it was time to look back and remember the goals I have set for this year. In order for this to be my year of abundance, there are certain steps that I need to take to make space for that abundance. The universe responded and through a workshop my journey with The Noble Pursuit took place over a six-week period.

Over the six-week period this is what I learned and shared with you about my money mindset manifestation journey:

  1. In Journey with The Noble Pursuit, I introduce you to transformational coach Linda van der Westhuizen and her journey to helping others (myself included) transform their lives to living a life of peace and contentment.
  2. If Money was a Person was a raw and honest post about my past relationship with money.
  3. Who would have thought that Money is Energy, and here I learned how to identify the masculine and feminine aspects of money and how I can find balance between the two.
  4. As mentioned above, in my blog post, Year of Abundance I share the tools that I have taken away from this journey and that I now use on a daily basis to build a better relationship with money and find my balance.

Why did I choose to go on this journey?
Something that I have carried with me for many years is the fear of lack, the fear of not having enough. I would try to save but ended up spending because an emergency of sorts that would pop up. I watched my bank balance like a hawk, making sure that every rand was spend wisely. Instead of fearing that I would not have enough to make it to the end of the month, I wanted to be content with what I had now. I wanted to let go of the constant worrying and rather have faith and trust that all would be okay. This was my biggest challenge, because I love being in control of every little detail so that I could be prepared for anything that came my way.

Why was I not manifesting all that I wanted?
The money mindset manifestation journey runs deeper than manifesting money, it showed me that I had bought into limiting beliefs and that was stopping me from reaching my full potential. Limiting beliefs such as:
– I waited to long to achieve that dream so I will let it go.
– I do not have the right connections and education to achieve that.
– Without enough money that will not be possible.
– Look at how far my peers in my age group are in their careers, I am falling behind.

All of this triggers negative energy and creates a belief system of I am not good enough. By using the tools from this journey, practicing affirmations such as I am good enough, now is my time and I am achieving my goals and dreams has helped me to create a positive mindset and start dreaming again. Yes, there are days that are challenging, but then I remember that right now I have all that I need and I am enough!

What has changed?
– Every morning when I wake up, I give thanks and show gratitude for what I have.
– No emergencies have emerged since I started this journey.
– We have enough. I now look through eyes of gratitude instead of lack.
– My workspace is decluttered.
– Sometimes a day goes by when I have not checked my bank account.
– I have 3 savings plans for 3 different goals that I will achieve at different periods.
– I am embracing the feminine side a bit more than when the journey started.

I am now more focused and determined than I have ever been to make my dreams a reality. I believe in myself, and I practice daily affirmations to eliminate those limiting beliefs. I also take breaks, go for a walk outside or spoil myself occasionally without feeling guilty that it will break the bank balance. I would like to thank Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit for opening my eyes to the fact that life is full of abundance and for helping me to get back on track in achieving my dreams. I have finally reached that stage of peace and contentment, and now I am focusing on building that abundant life that I have always wanted for myself and my family.

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Year of Abundance

My word for 2021 has been abundance. Getting into an abundant mindset has been challenging with past obstacles that we have faced. I share more in the blog post ‘If Money was a Person‘ where I share my current relationship with money. What we found that was keeping me in a lack mentality was limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way and in my case it was from having an abundant mindset. Here are some limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from having an abundant mindset:

  • It is hard to hold onto money.
  • Money only comes from hard work.
  • I can only earn more when I put in more hours at work.
  • It is hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job.
  • I will probably just fail anyway.
  • I am unable to manifest abundance.

I am sure that just by reading the above, you already feel drained. Being in a cycle of worry and focusing on such beliefs can paralyse a person into not going after their goals and dreams. How did I change this mindset?

These are the steps I took to shift my thoughts to an abundance mindset:

  • Firstly, I acknowledged the thoughts and feelings that came worth it.
  • Then I replaced it with something positive thoughts instead. Example: It’s hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job. Replace that with Money can multitask and I can earn money from different sources of income.
  • Focusing on gratitude has also shifted my mindset.

Now that I am able to identify and replace limiting beliefs, my next focus has been on finding balance on the feminine side of the yin yang. You can read more about this in my blog post ‘Money is Energy.’

To sum this all up, money is energy and what we focus on or put out into the universe will come back to us. I now practice gratitude, focus on having enough instead of lacking and I am starting to break my dreams into goals that are achievable. An abundant life is possible and thanks to The Noble Pursuit, I am well on my way to fulfilling my word for 2021.

For inspiration, please visit The Noble Pursuit’s Instagram page and subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can also contact Linda van der Westhuizen directly by sending her an email to

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Money is Energy!

Continuing with my money manifestation journey with Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit, it was time to understand the yin yang aspect of money. Did you know that money has a feminine and masculine aspect? Malalignment with either of these will cause the relationship with money to feel like struggle and resistance and often result in a state of lack.

How do you identify the masculine and feminine aspects of money?

The Masculine aspect of money is the doing; structure, planning, the budgets, the investment strategies, the action taken to earn the money, our goals, it’s the facts and figures around money. If money was a person, its masculine aspect would show up as strong, reliable, protective, ready with a plan, intelligent, rational, careful, controlled, organized and able to problem solve.

The behaviours that block the masculine aspect and cause it to be out of alignment are overspending, not facing up to reality of your financial situation, avoiding bank statements and a lack of planning.

The Feminine aspect of money involves the flow of money; the spending and the receiving of money, the dreams and desires that give rise to our goals, it’s the creative side of business for example product design and marketing. The feminine aspect includes communication, connection and relationship building. If money was a person, its feminine aspect would include the fact that it is resilient, nurturing, comforting, loving, a multitasker, comfortable in the dark, hopeful, knowing, trusting, intuitive and compassionate.

The behaviours that block the feminine energy include clinging, desperation, holding and clutching of money, excessive thriftiness, addiction to work, all work and no play.

Achieving balance is part of healing the relationship with money. It is important to determine in which area you lack balance, and to practice habits that are in alignment with either the feminine or masculine aspect.

A few examples of strengthening the masculine aspect include making a money plan (budget), keeping a money diary to track spending, investment strategies, keeping your purse/wallet/workspace clean and organized, keeping your financial documents in order, ensuring bills are paid on time.

A few examples of strengthening the feminine aspect includes prioritizing rest, which is as important as being productive, expressing intense gratitude for the money you already have, renaming money words (like budget/savings accounts) to names that speak from a place of abundance, healing money wounds through self-reflection, identifying limiting beliefs around money and replacing them with beliefs that are more supportive and believing that comfort is as important as saving.

How am I doing in the balance arena?

I have the masculine aspect sorted. When it comes to the ‘doing’ and having facts and figures in place, I have a distinction in this area, but I am out of balance with the feminine aspect. I need to know where my money is going, how I am going to spend it and know how much is left. I need to make sure that payments are made in a timely manner. Basically, I need to be in control all the time and this is where I am practically choking money. It’s the fear of lack, letting go and trusting.

This is what I have been doing to try and gain balance of the feminine aspect of money:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with what is supportive instead.
  • Taking time to rest, read a book or go for a walk in the garden.
  • Expressing gratitude instead of complaining.
  • Clearing out my cupboards and donate or throw away items that I no longer need, to create space for new.
  • Clear out my office space.

I have always managed money and the fear of letting go of that control, is the fear that things will fall apart. It has been the fear of lack that there just won’t be enough. Through a balance of the feminine and masculine and understanding the nature of money, I am learning that I can change how I interact with money in my outer reality. If you would like to get in touch with The Noble pursuit, you can visit the Instagram page or send an email to

Thank you to Linda van der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit for the information to support this blog post.

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If Money was a Person

Imagine if money was a person, what would your relationship be like? I looked at the screen and could not believe this very question that Linda Van Der Westhuizen from The Noble Pursuit was asking me. What do you mean if money was a person? If money was a person, I would call that person Scrooge. Why Scrooge? We all know the tale A Christmas Carol with Ebenezer Scrooge by Charles Dickens. The meaning of Scrooge is someone who spends as little money as possible and is not generous and I believe that this is how money has behaving with me. It has been a rocky and unstable relationship.

Continuing with my money manifestation journey with The Noble Pursuit, Linda purposefully asked this question for a very specific reason: Money is energy. Human beings are energy. Relationships are energetic exchanges and money and I have been giving each other some serious bad vibes. To find out how this journey started, please click on the link to read the previous blog post with my interview with Linda:

You may ask, Taryn what is your issue with money? What we discussed is that I have been in a lack mentality mindset that began when I was still in primary school. As I grew up and into my adulthood, I would watch my bank account like a hawk, monitoring my expenses down to the last penny to make sure that we get by each month. It was the fear of what if we do not have enough and what if an emergency arrives. Let’s always be prepared for a rainy day. And so, when I overspent, the guilt hit me harder than a brick. I never realised that this energy that I was sending out to the universe, was the same energy that I was receiving, and it was time to break this cycle.

“By personifying money, at least in the initial stages of healing money wounds, we are better able to identify how we feel about money, how we believe it treats us and how we treat it.

We can use the same strategies used to heal broken relationships with our partners, to heal the wounds we have around money. We can learn how to view money differently, how to trust money, how to allow it to support us. “– Linda Van Der Westhuizen, The Noble Pursuit

I decided that it was time to heal my relationship with money and started making some changes:

  • I changed my Emergency Fund to Abundance Fund (this already felt good and positive as abundance was my word for this year.)
  • Every time I would start managing my bank account, I would stop and say, ‘I have enough.’
  • I stopped trying to control every bit that I spent, and actually enjoyed the fact that I could go shopping and buy essentials and know that there are still payments coming through from clients.
  • I started writing 5 things daily that I am thankful for in my gratitude journal.

Today I practice the above almost like it’s second nature. I feel like money and I have reached an understanding and we are now working together instead of against each other.

“Money as a person is only an analogy, and my clients always come back to the fact that money is energy, a neutral resource and we charge the energy of money to a certain frequency or vibration by the meaning we have assigned to it and that is how it will show up in our lives. By changing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs around money we change how we “treat” it and in turn how it “treats” us.” – The Noble Pursuit

If you would like help with your money manifestation journey, or would like to find out about The Noble Pursuit’s upcoming workshops, you can contact Linda directly:

Tel: 071 636 7692

Follow The Noble Pursuit on Instagram:

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Journey with The Noble Pursuit

Peace and contentment.
Two words that most of us strive to achieve, but we simply cannot get it right. Life is busy. Busy with work, home-schooling, extra activities and taking care of our families. Where do we find the time for peace and contentment?

Over the last few months, I have mentioned in a few social media posts that I was on a journey of self-care and self-discovery. 2020 was a year where I grew from a place where I carried a lot of pain, self-doubt, criticism and honestly, a place where I never felt good enough about myself or anything that I ever did (a blog post for another day). I have come a long way since then and I am grateful for my support system. I am at a point now where I want peace and contentment in my life, but I questioned how I would go about achieving this. Not to long thereafter I attended a workshop by Linda Van Der Westhuizen about self- mastery. Linda took us through a process and showed us how we could step into our power and build a life of peace and contentment. The stars were aligned, and I had found my answer…The Noble Pursuit

I recently interviewed Linda to find out more about The Noble Pursuit:

What is transformational coaching?
Transformational coaching is aimed at permanent and profound change. It’s that simple. Change that is long lasting and aimed at peace and contentment.

Why did you start this journey? How has it changed your life?
I only teach what I have directly experienced. My journey into my “self” has been life long, but it was intensified during the healing process after my divorce. Through my process over the last few years, I have come to such a wonderful place of peace and contentment and I have witnessed how this state has changed my reality dramatically.

Let’s put it to you this way, four years ago I dreaded the start of each day. I was overweight, unhappy and smoking. I felt unsatisfied with my life and depressed. My finances and relationships were a mess. I had no direction and basically did what was necessary to make it through the day. The sad part was that I had done this for so long that it had become normal and even comfortable for me.

Today my life is very different.

I live in paradise and get to do what I love every single day of my life. I scuba dive every weekend and visit the ocean at least twice a week. I travel and meet new people and have new experiences regularly. I have people in my life who care for me and I am financially dependent on no one! I wake up every day grateful for the life I lead and how free I am to live! To thrive!

Who can benefit from this journey?
It’s easy to say everybody could, right? Because we all could do with some peace and contentment, but most people are comfortable to stay right where they are, just like I was. Therefore, I only work with women who are ready and willing to change:

This woman may be going through a life transition and needs support.
She may feel so dissatisfied with her life that the thought of remaining unchanged fills her with more terror than the idea of the “unknown” of change.
She may be struggling to level up in her life or business and needs someone to guide her as she rises up.

These women I call my soul mate clients, the criteria is simple. A woman who is ready and willing to change.

Where do our challenges come from?
Once upon a time we made a decision about how things work. That decision became a rule that informs how we move around in the world and interact in it and that rule is a belief that we hold. Our beliefs are complex, impacting what we think and feel about money, relationships, ourselves, the world, how the world works, the list goes on. In most cases the challenge is as a result of a belief.

“Chose a new belief and the challenge is overcome. That is my method!”

Well, I am willing and ready to change! I have started a 6-week journey with The Noble Pursuit, and I look forward to sharing my progress with you. Please keep an eye on my social media pages to follow my progress.

You can find The Noble Pursuit on Instagram:

To find out about the next workshop or how Linda can assist you on your journey to peace and contentment, you can contact her on:

Mobile: 0716367692

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