Cinderella and her Fella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and in my opinion, this year’s Cinderella Pantomime is the most wonderful show of 2021.

The show was a musical array of talent; beautiful music coupled with great dance moves and loads of comedy. When I watched the show, there was not one person in the audience that night who was not laughing behind their masks. With a South African twist and humor of what’s currently going on in the country, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The costumes once again were vibrant, colourful and different to suit each character and I need to know where I can get that car! (You will need to watch the show to know what I am talking about.) 🙂

Christmas is just a few days away, so why not give the gift of laughter this festive season…

And while you may think, well I’ve already watched one or two panto’s in the past, why is this one any different?

Well South African Andrew Timm has joined the team for the first time as Production Designer. The Joburg Theatre stage has been transformed into a high-tech, 21st century riot of innovative and spectacular special effects – combining live performance with projections and 3D graphics on over 500 LED screens and bringing in hologram effects, giant props, magic techniques and pyrotechnics to surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Trust me you will be delighted!

Panto will be drawing to a close on Friday 24 December 2021. Book your tickets on the Joburg Theatre website to catch one of the last shows. It’s a gift you will not regret giving yourself or your loved ones this festive season. .

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Globes Countdown Live

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and dick clark productions (dcp) has announced their partnership with Twitter for “HFPA Presents: Globes Countdown Live,” the official pre-show for the “78th Annual Golden Globe Awards®.”

Actress and recording artist Sofia Carson and NBC Access Hollywood entertainment reporter Zuri Hall will host the 90-minute countdown live from The Beverly Hilton.

The pre-show will stream live from the official Golden Globes Twitter account and at 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM PST/6:30 PM – 8 PM EST in the United States and 3:00am in South Africa.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the bicoastal “78th Annual Golden Globe Awards®” airing live on NBC coast-to-coast on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST on NBC and will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.

Viewers can engage with the pre-show directly by participating in the ongoing polls from, the results of which will be revealed by the panel, as well as Tweet their questions for a chance to have them asked during the interviews.

Twitter Fleets will also be updated with live content from the pre-show and ceremony. Frontline workers will be included throughout the show during vignettes in which they share their favourite nominated films and television shows that have helped get them through the pandemic.

“This year more than ever, fans have been at home consuming the best in film and television and coming to Twitter to talk about it,” said Sarah Rosen, Head of US Entertainment Partnerships, Twitter. “Partnering with the Golden Globes to bring the official pre-show to Twitter will give fans the opportunity to celebrate the best of entertainment, live and in real time, where the conversation happens.”

About the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) was founded in 1943 – then known as the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association – by a group of entertainment journalists based in Los Angeles. During World War II, the non-profit organization established a cultural bridge between Tinseltown and millions of cinema fans around the world who demanded drama and inspiration through entertainment. The HFPA continues to do so today with a membership representing more than 55 countries. Since 1944, the group has hosted the annual Golden Globe® Awards – the premier ceremony which honors achievements in both television and film. The licensing fees from the Golden Globe® Awards has enabled the organization to donate more than $44.5 million to more than 70 entertainment-related charities, film restoration, scholarship programs and humanitarian efforts over the last 25 years. For more information, please visit the Golden Globes website and follow them on Twitter (@GoldenGlobes), Instagram (, and Facebook (

About Zuri Hall:
Zuri Hall (born June 2, 1988) is an American entertainment reporter, television personality, actress and producer. Hall serves as a correspondent for Access Hollywood on NBC. She is also the side-line reporter for NBC’s primetime summer competition show American Ninja Warrior. Zuri is currently the host of the ‘Hot Happy Mess’ — a new podcast, in partnership with iHeartRadio’s Black Effect Podcast Network. HHM is your new go-to podcast for mindfully ambitious Millennial women; committed to sharing diverse stories and point of views.

Information and Image Courtesy of Jarred Doyle Consulting.

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André the Hilarious Hypnotist

The empty chairs sitting quietly on the Monte Theatre stage, Montecasino are waiting patiently for new guests to join them. The audience is taking their seats as they wait for the lights to dim and for the show to begin. There is excitement and anticipation in the air as no one knows what to expect from tonight’s show. Finally as we all settle down and anxiously wait for the show to start, in walks the man himself…André the Hilarious Hypnotist.

Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist

Some Facts about André the Hypnotist:

  • André is celebrating a record breaking 25 years on stage as South Africa’s very own convener of the strange, weird and wonderful.
  • André discovered his hypnotic calling after watching a performance of the late Max Collie in action.
  • He has studied drama, teaching and has a background in psychology.

As this was my first experience with regards to any kind of hypnosis, I was somewhat sceptical to a degree if hypnosis is real or not before the show. Being a guest on stage to be put under hypnosis is purely on a volunteer basis. My scepticism was quickly buried away as the show progressed. I was intrigued and mesmerized from the start to the end of the show. All that was happening on stage was real, true and absolutely hilarious. A big shout out goes out to the audience members who are such great sports and go up on stage to be a part of this hypnotic experience.

 André the Hilarious Hypnotist at Montecasino

As no two shows are ever the same no one knows what to expect from each show, not even André himself. The theatre was filled with constant laughter for the duration of the 2 hour show, and we all left the theater satisfied and in stitches.

I had an absolute blast and I have not met or spoken to one person who will disagree with me in saying that you will not be disappointed! On the other hand you will be disappointed if you miss out. André the Hilarious Hypnotist runs from the 19 January – 25 February 2018 at the Monte Theatre, Montecasino. Tickets can be purchased at Computicket.

Don’t take my word for it. Book your tickets now and experience this hypnotic show for yourself, but be warned you will laugh like never before and I’m sure any doctor will agree that laughter is the best medicine. 🙂

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Calling Me Home

There was a sense of anticipation and excitement all round as we waited for the Mandela stage to come alive at the packed Joburg Theatre. Finally the lights dimmed, everyone was seated and all forms of chatter had come to a halt. The time had finally come to watch the most anticipated musical of the year…Calling Me Home.

The story line:

The story begins in Africa where a young woman named Grace (Lynelle Kenned) and her brother Nelson (Musanete Sakupwanya), face an oncoming war. In fear of her safety Grace is forced to abandon everything she loves, and flee her home country to the uncertainties of a new urban jungle, where concrete structures block out the stars in the sky, while Nelson joins the army.

As Grace begins her journey she meets others like her with similar stories of survival, compassion and courage. They become her friends, travelling companions and family. One of those individuals is a feisty and lively woman by the name of Lindiwe (Zolani Mahola).

Without giving away too much of the story line you will also meet best friends Rafael (Anthony Downing) and Ben (Michael McMeeking) who will keep your eyes and ears glued to the stage. Rafael’s sister (Samantha Peo) is romantically involved with gang lord Ivan (Christiaan Snyman) and this leads to many twists that you would not see coming.

I may not be a critic, but I thoroughly enjoyed the premier of the Calling Me Home Musical. You have a star studded cast with musical voices that send tingles down your spine, and quick and efficient prop changes that will only leave you impressed. The production was about 3 hours long, but kept you at the edge of your seat and in the end wanting more.

Compliments to Director Magdalene Minnaar, Composer/Producer/Musical Supervisor Alice Gillham and the rest of the team on a splendid production.

With that said I took 3 things away from this production:

1) The Calling Me Home musical has reignited my love for theatre.

2) When you believe in your hopes and dreams, you can make them a reality.

3) Home is not a place. Home is where the heart is.

But do not take my word for it. Book your tickets now and experience this masterpiece for yourself.

Calling Me Home is a story based on hope, love and home. So the question is…Where will Grace find her true home?

Calling Me Home is showing from the 17 August 2017 – 3 September 2017 –  The Mandela at the Joburg Theatre. Tickets can be booked now at Webtickets.

Information and Visuals from and the Calling Me Home Musical Facebook page.

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HanDMadE from the Heart💖

South Africa is known for it’s beautiful landscapes, ocean views, cultures and traditions, but we are also a talented and gifted nation too. We are known for our love of crafts and handmade products that are made from the heart and represent what our country is about. But what do you do or where do you go to if you want to sell or buy these precious goods?

HanDMade Website

To answer the above questions I would like to introduce you to HanDMadE or HDME.

The concept of HDME came together when co-founders and owners Neil Mackay and Tiffany Sosa were struggling to find the craft supplies they needed online. It was a constant mission to find what they were looking for or even to just get more information. This sparked the idea to start an online store where people could buy and sell handmade items. This is how HDME was born.

HanDMadE or HDME  is an online platform that is dedicated to building a community of buyers and sellers of handmade goods and craft supplies. In this day and age where technology is constantly advancing at a fast rate and we are all working on our phones and tablets this is a plus.

The website is user friendly and easy to access from any mobile device. There are different categories for different designs and creations. Anything from artwork to clothing & accessories to craft supplies, you will find all this and more on the HDME website.

HDME also rotates featured sellers on their website. By doing this the seller gets more exposure and future buyers get to know a bit more about the origin of the product they are buying.

How do I go about selling my products on HDME’s website?

You simply log on to the HDME website and click on Sell on HDME. Here you will find information on signing up and you will also be able to create an Open your Shop account there. It is free to sign up and there are no up front charges.

HDME has bridged the gap between buyers and sellers alike. They have made buying and selling crafts and handmade products as simple as a click of a button on your phone. They aim to turn HDME into a learning place where people can also learn how to make a variety of handmade products.

South Africans have some incredible talent at making items by hand and HDME has now created a bigger platform to allow the buyer to have easier access to purchase these precious pieces. For more information you can go to HDME’s website or you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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What is your Niche?

The dictionary definition of niche is: a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. We all have a niche, something we enjoy or love and want to pursue. For me that would be becoming a blogger, as I enjoy writing and sharing my adventures and experiences with others. Today I am reviewing two businesses to which I have had the pleasure to use their services, and to date have not been disappointed with their products.

Gas Dynamics Logo and Contact Information.

With winter on the horizon here in South Africa all you want to do is come home from a long day of work, shower, climb into your warm pj’s and have a nice cup of hot chocolate and later dinner, but many things are out of our control just like power outages. They can happen any time of the day and you have to be prepared. One evening we had a power outage and out of boredom I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone and came across Gas Dynamics.

Gas Dynamics was founded by Glenda and Sheldon Abrahams which started trading in January 2017. They specialize in refilling old and new gas cylinders. Now when you are dying for something hot to drink or you need to make something to eat, their services definitely come in handy when unexpected power outages hit. I contacted one of the founders Glenda whom I found to be friendly, understanding and professional. The following morning her husband Sheldon came to pick up our empty gas cylinder to refill. Not too long after meeting Sheldon had he returned with the gas cylinder full and delivered right to our front door. I was really impressed by this, as not many businesses do this.

Gas Dynamics aim is to provide efficient and quality services to your front door. Their focus is to reduce time wastage of deliveries and to build long lasting relationships with all their old and new clients in and around the Johannesburg area. I used their services and I was impressed with all the above. So if you are in need to refill your gas cylinders and don’t know where to go, then contact Gas Dynamics via their Facebook page or through the information included in the picture.

Cris Candle Art & Custom Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for the loved ones in our lives we can feel quite limited. We want the gifts we buy for others to be unique that will show our appreciation for them, but we don’t always know what we are looking for or we just don’t have the time.

A few months ago I came across Cris Candle Art & Custom Gifts. They specialize in customizing almost anything ranging from candles to textiles since 2011. I can personally vouch for these guys, as I have had a few gifts custom made for family and friends.

Depending on what you want customized you can have your order ready by the end of the day. Their products are uniquely made to the specifications of their clients.

To find out more you can follow Cris Candle Art & Custom Gifts on Facebook or you can go to their website

The above businesses started with a niche and a dream, which with hard work and perseverance has become a reality. My niche is to write and share these amazing stories of others with you. Dreams do come true no matter how long it takes.

Tell me, What is your niche?

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