It’s the most wonderful time of the year and in my opinion, this year’s Cinderella Pantomime is the most wonderful show of 2021.

The show was a musical array of talent; beautiful music coupled with great dance moves and loads of comedy. When I watched the show, there was not one person in the audience that night who was not laughing behind their masks. With a South African twist and humor of what’s currently going on in the country, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The costumes once again were vibrant, colourful and different to suit each character and I need to know where I can get that car! (You will need to watch the show to know what I am talking about.) 🙂

Christmas is just a few days away, so why not give the gift of laughter this festive season…

And while you may think, well I’ve already watched one or two panto’s in the past, why is this one any different?

Well South African Andrew Timm has joined the team for the first time as Production Designer. The Joburg Theatre stage has been transformed into a high-tech, 21st century riot of innovative and spectacular special effects – combining live performance with projections and 3D graphics on over 500 LED screens and bringing in hologram effects, giant props, magic techniques and pyrotechnics to surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Trust me you will be delighted!

Panto will be drawing to a close on Friday 24 December 2021. Book your tickets on the Joburg Theatre website to catch one of the last shows. It’s a gift you will not regret giving yourself or your loved ones this festive season. .

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