Dear Dad,

Today started off like any other day. Mom and I were getting ready for a fun day out at the theatre, and we were rushing so that we would not be late. Mom looked absolutely beautiful!

Once we arrived, greeted some friends and took our seats, I took a moment and just looked at her. She was glowing, and I remembered our conversation about you last night. Mom shared, how you proposed to her and how you went all out. My goodness Dad, you were such a romantic! We laughed so much and talked for hours about so many precious moments we share.

Joey, Chris and Taryn

Today is Youth Day and Father’s Day in South Africa, but it also would’ve been your 70th birthday. As I am typing this, the tears are rolling down my cheeks for the first time today, because despite it being over seven and a half years since you went to heaven, it still hurts not having you here. But, mom and I decided that no matter what, we were going to celebrate your life and memory today, by being happy and grateful for the time we had with you.

Days like today don’t hurt as much anymore, but there are some days that the memories we share catch me off guard. Some of these I share in Nothing Could Have Prepared Me for This Day and I am in a ball of tears.

Leo our Kitty, is still hunting, bringing us gifts and he gives us so much love and joy. He drives me a bit crazy, but I just remember that he is Daddy’s cat. I’m doing a few things that we used to talk about that I wanted to do one day. From my business, my media career and now my degree. I loved how you were always a big dreamer and trying to find a way to make things happen, I know I get that from you.

My Dad

I want you to know that we love you so much! Thank you for the lessons you taught me and for the values that you instilled in me. Now that I am older and wiser, I understand so much more what you taught me and I appreciate how you took care of us. I wish I could hug you today on your birthday, but you are in my thoughts everyday. Your memory lives on in us and your kindness lives on through mom.

With you not being here, I cherish mom even more each day. I’ve learnt that time is our most valuable commodity that we can never get back. I appreciate that I still get to hug her, buy her flowers, give her as much love as possible and share experiences with her. I still get to cook for her and most importantly strive to do better for our family. This again, has given me a deeper appreciation for all that you did for us.

My wonderful father, happy birthday and happy father’s day! Thank you for the love that you shared and for touching so many lives. May your memory live on and always remember, that you will always be the CEO of my heart.

Lots of love,
Daddy’s little girl always

*Images are my own.

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