What better way to mark the importance of Environment Month this June, than by heading to selected Ster Kinekor Cinemas to watch the emotive 4-part docu-series Wild Zambezi, screened on consecutive Sundays and Tuesdays from 9 June – 2nd July 2024.

View the Wild Zambezi Promotional Trailer 1 HERE.

Produced by Greater Good Productions Ltd and narrated by the esteemed author, director, playwright, actor and long-time conservationist Dr John Kani, Wild Zambezi is about making a stand and truly protecting the last precious wilderness strongholds on this planet, which are currently under serious threat.

The battle of economic development versus the protection of the natural world is a conflict that has been raging for decades. As the human population rapidly expands, so does the urgency to protect Africa’s and indeed, the world’s unique and most diverse ecosystems.

In the heart of Zambia lies the lesser-known gem, Lower Zambezi National Park, a pristine protected wilderness battling against the relentless encroachment of mankind. This struggle mirrors the existential crisis gripping our planet’s most fragile ecosystems.

Spanning 4,092 square kilometres along the Zambezi River, the park faces its greatest threat yet: an open-cast copper mine in the heart of the park, approved by Zambia’s Environmental Agency.

Wild Zambezi ventures into the park’s vibrant tapestry of life, intertwining its rich biodiversity with Zambia’s history.

Despite two decades of progress in combating poaching and deforestation, the Kangaluwi Copper Mine endangers not only the park’s wildlife and burgeoning eco-tourism but also the lifeline of the Zambezi River itself, compromising the neighbouring Mana Pools UNESCO World Heritage site and the livelihoods of countless communities downstream.

As climate change tightens its grip, rural populations are desperate, and tempted by the promises of the mine.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, hope flickers in the form of David Ngwenyama, a Zambian ecologist who has devoted a decade of his life to waging a legal battle against the mine. His tireless crusade underscores the urgent need to safeguard Zambia’s natural legacy, even at personal cost.

Wild Zambezi raises profound questions about the fate of Africa’s national parks and, by extension, the fate of our planet’s last wildlife legacy landscapes. Will we heed the call to protect these sanctuaries?

This is a hard-hitting and dynamically paced series that is focused on hope and solutions.

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About David Ngwenyama

One man has dedicated 8 years of his life to fighting this mine in court, on the basis that the mining license was granted illegally, in 2011.

David Ngwenyama in Wild Zambezi

David Ngwenyama, an aggrieved Zambian ecologist, believes it is the duty of every Zambian, to fight for the protection of Zambia’s natural heritage. And although his court appeal was thrown out on a technicality, his voice has been instrumental in this struggle but it has also come at a personal price.

Despite having invested so much of himself to save the park, David had never stepped foot in the Lower Zambezi National Park. He now visits the park for the first and possibly the last time.

Wild Zambezi follows this emotional journey.

Daron Chatz and Grace Harrison of Greater Good Productions Ltd and both Plettenberg Bay locals, set out to tell a very important story. The narrative may be set in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi Valley, but the messages that it delivers are extremely relevant to the world.

After researching the topic in-depth during the first 2 years of Covid and formulating a plan of action, the two embarked on an adventure, which saw them filming in Zambia for 3 months in 2022 and producing an 8-part documentary series, which is currently being sold globally.

These episodes have now been combined to make a 4-part series for a limited screening by Ster Kinekor during June, which is Environment Month.

Says Daron and Grace of Greater Good Productions Ltd; We are hoping this series will put the Lower Zambezi National Park on the global map, as well as highlight the potential effects that this mining project will have on the park, its wildlife and the Zambezi River itself, that could be potentially devastating and irreversible.

We hope that this documentary will get those in charge to reconsider their decision to approve the mine and rescind the mining rights.”

Grace and her family have a strong connection with the Lower Zambezi National Park and she was compelled to tell this story about a National Park that is facing the biggest threat in its history. The decisions that are made now will have profound consequences for national parks all over Africa and the world as a whole.

The Wild Zambezi series deals with themes such as truly protecting the last protected wilderness areas on the planet, climate change, community livelihoods, animal and human coexistence, ecotourism and conservation.

It is the protected areas both on land and in our oceans that are increasingly at risk from industrial development and human encroachment.

“We were extremely privileged to have Dr. John Kani narrate this series for us, it was a great honour to work with him,” explained Daron Chatz.

Grace Harrison went on to say, “Dr Kani is the father of Africa, his voice is so powerful and it connects deeply with the land. It is such a wonderful addition to our series and we are extremely grateful to have him on board.”


Wild Zambezi will be screened at these Ster Kinekor Cinemas this June:

Rosebank Nouveau (Johannesburg)
V&A Waterfront (Western Cape)
Somerset Mall (Western Cape)
Tygervalley (Western Cape)
I’Langa (Mpumalanga)
Brooklyn (Pretoria)
Maerua Mall (Windhoek, Namibia)
Manda Hill (Lusaka, Zambia)

EPISODE 4- DAVID & GOLIATH (30th June & 2nd July)

To pre-book your R50 tickets, head to Ster Kinekor’s Website.

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