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A fan once asked Tailor why she was so quiet before her performance, and the young Tailor replied: “To save my voice, so I can scream on stage!”

After having performed in the iconic Hammersmith Apollo in front of thousands of fans in Johnny Clegg’s Final Journey Tour, TAILOR returns to South Africa for an exclusive two weeks in her #1000MILESTOUR.

She will captivate fans with her enigmatic performance and music from her three acclaimed albums: The Dark Horse, Light and Trust Part 1 as well as new music she created with world-renowned musicians and producers alike.

British fans have since celebrated Tailor’s outlandish stage performance in the infamous Bedford in Balham that made Ed Sheeran famous, the celebrated Halfmoon in Putney where The Who, U2, and Rolling Stones played and The Troubadour where Bob Dylan performed in his first show in London.

Getting To Know Tailor and Dark Horse:

Melanie Le Roux (Tailor’s real name) has been singing since the age of 12. Growing up in Johannesburg, her father played her everything from opera to soul, to rock and pop. With the help of a tutor she taught herself guitar, then piano, then drums, all of which she plays on ‘The Dark Horse’, as well as bass and percussion. In primary school, she wrote her first song – about lip gloss.

“I was obsessed with lip gloss, I wore it 24/7,” Tailor laughs. “I loved lip gloss so much I sometimes stole it from my friends.The song wasn’t brilliant, but what it taught me was I could write about anything. And when I sang it, I heard I could sing.”

Aged 14, Melanie woke up one morning and decided she would become a singer.

“It sounds insane,” she says, “but that’s how it happened – literally overnight, as though the idea had come to me in a dream.” The following year, with no vocal training, she got a label deal with her band Mel-funktion. Although they did put out singles and go on tour, three years later the band was dropped without ever releasing an album,

“It was an awesome experience, to be thrown in to that situation at such a young age,” says Tailor. “I got to know who I was a writer and performer. The music was a bit nu-metal, a bit No Doubt and, on stage, I couldn’t stand still. I was an absolute power bunny.”

The band broke up in 2007 and Melanie moved to Cape Town where she became Tailor, though only after quitting music for a while. “When Mel-funktion split up I hated music. The band ended on such bad terms that I packed away my guitar. Then one day I sat down wrote a song and realized how much my writing ability had grown. I found a new sound, began playing gigs on my own for the first time and eventually became Tailor.”

At the start of this year Tailor signed with Just Music who brought her to Johannesburg to record her demos with Shadowclub producer Matthew Fink. On hearing her new songs, Fink encouraged Tailor to play all of the instruments on the album herself – the only other musicians are the string players, session guitarist and Fink who helped out on drums.

In late March Tailor returned to the studio in Johannesburg to record ‘The Dark Horse’, during two and a half hard weeks of 10 hours days. The album has been mastered in the States at Sterling Sound by Grammy Award-winner Ted Jensen (Coldplay, Paul Simon, Sigur Ros, Florence & The Machine, Muse, Rufus Wainwright).

“I love the drama in the album because it sort of sums up my life – lots of ups and downs like a roller coaster ride. It’s odd, but it’s also in your face. It’s not just like me, it is me.”

Tour Dates and Details:


  • Friday 20th – Barnyard, Rivonia at 8pm –Tickets R150.00 from Barnyard Theatre or 087 236 3088
  • Saturday 21st – The Music Box, Observatory at 7pm – Tickets R450.00 includes dinner & drinks, bookings info@hotspotconcerts.co.za or 082 4789 555
  • Monday 23rd – Barnyard, Silverstar at 8pm – Tickets R150.00 from Barnyard Theatre or 010 593 0744
  • Tuesday 24th – Café Roux, Cape Town at 8.30pm – Tickets R150.00 from Cafe Roux Sessions
  • Thursday 26th – Café Roux, Noordhoek at 8.30pm – Tickets R150.00 from Cafe Roux Sessions
  • Sunday 29th – Cottage Club, Fishhoek at 5pm – Tickets R150.00 from cottageclub@mweb.co.za or 021 782 0931


Get your tickets now and experience this amazing talent for yourself!

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