Following a run at The Baxter Theatre, seasoned journalist and Associate Editor of the Daily Maverick, Marianne Thamm, will be bringing her one person show ROUND OF APPLAUSE – SOUTH AFRICA STILL STANDING to Johannesburg to the Houghton Golf Club on the 18th of May for one night only as a fundraiser for the Houghton Golf Ladies selected charity.

As the May 29 election draws near, South Africans have a clear responsibility to this beloved country and Thamm is ready with what is dubbed ‘performance journalism’ to help them make an important decision with her insightful updates on the political landscape.

In an article written by Charles Leonard for Mail & Guardian, Thamm says “A general election is around the corner and with the new Electoral Act as well as, a wider range of candidates to choose from, the political landscape is about to become even more exciting. This is a pivotal moment in South Africas history. Are you ready for the ride?”

Round of Applause by Marianne Thamm

With Round of Applause, she brings some updates to the original show about what is going on in the country, with hilarious anecdotes and surprising facts, so it is not all doom and gloom.

The idea for Round of Applause was sparked by her invitation to participate in the Spier Talking Heads series in Stellenbosch two years ago.

Every single person who circulated to my table had no idea how the nuclear deal was stopped or what the community at Xolobeni achieved in taking the Australian mining company to court … also, they knew nothing about the Slapp [strategic lawsuits against public participation] suit or the amounts involved in state capture,” Thamm explains.

That is how this piece of performance journalism was born.

“It was written for me by South Africans themselves and politicians. What to put in and what to leave out was the issue.” she continues.

She staged it at the Woordfees (word festival) in Stellenbosch in October 2023 as well as at Cape Town’s Baxter Theatre for three weeks to rave reviews. It will have another Baxter Theatre run at the end of the month before it heads to Johannesburg.

What critics have said:

What she is doing is Performance Journalism and shes got a show. With the information at her fingertips, how could she not share on stage? And she does it brilliantly. Its not a big ask though. The story has all of us hanging on every word – even though weve heard all of it before, it still renders us all speechless.” – Diane De Beer

Thamm indeed deserves a round of applause … magnetic stage presence … she had me, and the rest of the audience, in stitches from start to finish … traces current affairs with wit, intelligence, and optimism … Her excitement and passion about South Africa is inspiring.”  – Jaime Uranovsky for Broadway World wrote,

Book now for Round of Applause – South Africa Still Standing by contacting Tarryn Edwards via email:

Date: 18 May 2024
Time: 19h00
Tickets cost R250 each.

Proceeds go towards the Houghton Golf Ladies charity.

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