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Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a location shoot in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. Needless to say I had no idea that this precious gem existed, but I was instantly captivated by it’s beauty.

Situated in the South of Johannesburg, the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve offers a unique opportunity for both humans and wildlife to recreate a kinship with nature. Recognised as the largest wilderness area and natural sanctuary in the Johannesburg Metro, it offers visitors the opportunity of participating in a variety of nature activities, including hiking, bird watching or to simply become captivated by the most diverse historical and archeological area in the whole of Johannesburg.

The old Voortrekker Farm House

The ruins of a Voortrekker farmhouse and wagon shed built by Sarel Marais in 1850 can be seen in the southern part. The Marais family graveyard is also near the homestead. Ruins of the Vierfontein Dam are evident at Silent Pool. The Klipriviersberg was an integral part of the battle for Johannesburg during the South African War.

The Sotho speaking Tswana subsistence farmers lived in the reserve from about 1300 – 1600 and again from 1650 – 1800. There are 18 ruins of Sotho-Tswana villages in the reserve.

I was blown away not only by the history, but also by the different plant species in the reserve. Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is home to around 320 plant species, including 40 indigenous tree and 70 grass species. While I was there on that day I did not encounter any animals, but the reserve is home to a variety of wildlife. These include larger animals such as Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Spring bok to smaller animals such as the Dassie and Mongoose. More than 200 species of birds have been identified in the reserve.

Klipriviersberg River

With trails, guided walks, bird walks and specialist walks organised by the reserve, you will be in for a treat with a wealth of history at your feet.

There are so many precious gems that need to be discovered in our beautiful country, but sometimes without knowing it, there is a jewel right on your door step waiting to be discovered.

Information and Photo’s from:

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve and their brochure.

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Daylight Photography

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